We got the fallen pine tree, one of two fallen pine trees actually, shifted today, with the help of the red dragon. Hydraulics are wonderful helpers! Now to find a nice replacement spruce for the one that was squished by the old pine. Probably a Norway spruce, similar to the mature one a bit to the south. (Much smaller though!! Pity one can’t move 80 foot trees…)

The vegetable garden is being dug, slowly. The peas aren’t in yet, though, which seems a bit  late; but then the lilacs are only just starting to swell.

The crocus are almost done, with only a sparkling scatter of pure white crocus out in the meadow, (which is lovely emerald green, quite elegant).* The daffodils are beginning to bloom, all at once for some reason and relatively short. Don’t ask.

*Including one way, way out in the field about as far as one can go.  A very ambitious chipmunk no doubt, I feel bad about him forgetting his dinner location though…