Old country houses….with porches….and crawl spaces….and skunks…..

Usually, spring is heralded by our hibernating skunks waking up and perambulating, in need of a bath perhaps. Eau de skunk actually isn’t that bad (subject to personal opinion!).

However. Eau de decomposing skunk? We think that it must be under the porch and has finally…Thawed. We can’t get under the porch. We did check the crawl space under the house though. Always fun. the only scent there was good clean earth, no spiders, no skeletons, no anything creepy or smelly. (no water either)

So on the negative side: Eau de decomposing skunk for an undetermined time.

The plus side is that my explorations in the crawl space uncovered a bit of wiring that needed repair. Nice to catch that.