well not really if one has lived a few years in Ontario. But, for the plants that one grows here….it is cold.  Actually, except for the hydrangeas (and agh! the roses), it will likely be a benefit as -6 F for a few hours should set some of the nasty bugs back. I am talking about you, wooly adelgid.

I finally turned my radiator on in my room, I thought seeing my breath was a bit much.

The new heater for the fish pond…well, less said the better. The fish are fine, but not because of the heater.

Otherwise, the indoor plants are happy, all of the jasmine have flowers. The amaryllis (which we can’t get to bloom At Christmas, though one did open on the 12th day of Christmas) are perking along, though we won’t have 100% bloom this year.

I know, gardening, all gardening 100% of the time, I’ll get back to history at some point here….