Because I work in retail, I mostly get it…but.

I found it deeply perverse that on the first truly bitterly cold night of winter (It was so clear that the moonlight through the trees was illuminating my car’s interior in a very disconcerting fashion, until I figured it out, on the way home) and with two solid months, the real months, of winter stretching ahead with March as a potential third…. I am being inundated by ‘spring!’. Now, I like the seed and plant catalogs, although they have impulse shopping for green down to a science, but the clothes, the gifts, the fact that there is Valentine candy in the store…the fact that the dark, winter beer are being shoved aside for ‘crisp’ lemony ‘spring’ ale?

Fine, the last is the most annoying.  Well actually, the pink! Valentine candy was the most annoying. But would it kill the retailers to at least wait till January? I know, you can’t sell what is in the back room, and heaven knows the buyers had to guess the market and order correctly about four months ago, and the manufacturers (well they do what they want when they want).  But Pink! Lemon! Spring Grass! Wear a bathing suit!