As a vestry member and parish clerk, I am so glad that the elderly Sugar Maples that are periodically dropping things are not on the church’s property! They are elegant old trees belonging to the neighboring house…but it is never a good sign when two unfriendly and focused gentlemen are walking around taking photographs and staring pointedly at the offending trees!

Talk about a traffic hazard. The river runs hard against a big retaining wall in the center of town, making a lovely pool (I do hope that wall has good footings!). People are forever parked in the breakdown lane of the highway fishing over the side, since it is a good spot. The river has plenty of fish, especially trout, and the combination of deep water, braided channels, and sandbars make the area particularly interesting.  The fishermen are an expected hazard. The unexpected hazard was the gorgeous, large, juvenile bald eagle that was also trying her luck in the spot and flying at about eye level with passing cars. Lovely animal.