It is likely obvious to most of my readers 🙂 but it occurred to me that some might be intrigued by the little building with its lovely diamond paned casements in the previous post.  An awfully fancy tool shed! For it is a tool shed these days and potting shed. But actually it is the Little Kitchen, a peculiarly Esperanza (Esperanzonian?) term.  Built in the late 1880’s (its windows match the diamond panes found elsewhere from that period, notably the Butler’s Pantry) it was a summer kitchen. Now, the main kitchen was used as well since the cook was usually cooking for around ten people; but the Little Kitchen was used for making jams, jellies, preserves, etc.  Anything that would tie up the main cook stove all day long.  With a massive vegetable garden and orchard, it is probable that it was in use almost daily throughout the summer.

It is a remarkably well built structure, we did have to square it up a few years back, but otherwise!