We don’t tend to go for wholesale reconfiguration of spaces around here.  But the abrupt death of a tree required it.  So, in a group effort today, the space where the Japanese Maple once was has been re-organized. The previously crowded Enkianthus has been joined by an ‘Arnold Promise’ Witch-hazel, which should become the dominate ‘tree’ in the space, at its feet a Russian Arborvitae (Microbiota decussata), a ‘Diablo’ Ninebark is trying out its third or fourth location just to the east of that, and then heading into the soggy area a lovely inkberry, which will demarcate a new path that leads back through the daylilies.  Above and behind this is the Sugar Maple, with the benches are chairs placed to the north of it, so a nice view to the west is created.

The fall color should be spectacular.  We hope!

Pictures to come, I promise.

I suppose I ought to update my tree list….