A lot of home grown produce tastes better than that from the store: garlic, onions, squash, chard, etc, etc.*  I didn’t expect the difference to be so great with grapes though.  Silly that.

Our young Concord Seedless set a fair number of bunches this year. Now granted, they are the size of garden peas, but the taste! Very close (and this year better than) the wild Concord.  Hard to describe, but not anything like the grapes one finds in the store. Spicy and sweet, but without that overload of Sugar.  It is the spice which is missing from the store bought grapes.

I suppose that they would make excellent jelly, and if the bunches were full size, that would be an option.  But seeing as they are small….I’ll blame their disappearance on the catbirds 🙂


*Not always: sweet potatoes have failed rather badly for us. As, bizarrely, do cucumbers. Spinach is an utter disaster.