Male wild turkeys are rather impressive birds, especially a whole flock circling about the house in search of food.  Very talkative group too, rather like a flock of busy chickens.  Unlike chickens, the males get along quite happily in bachelor bands for a good bit of the year. I think this group was enjoying the seeds from the cucumber (false) magnolia tree.  They certainly seemed rather pleased about something anyway!

Is it really time for a second cutting of hay? I suppose it is.  Bit of a shrek last night in the dark to come around the corner into the barnyard to find the tedder and tractor parked in the lot.  My horse will be happy, eventually, right now of course he is locked up in his little paddock.  Great hardship!

Too many yellow jackets this year….I haven’t gotten stung, but other people have multiple times.  We had sort of been running on a live and let live policy, I think that is at an end.