There is much I could write about, much I could take photos of…

But instead, I would ask you to consider the scent of white Oriental lilies, bigger than the span of a hand, that incredible floral scent, for some of us it reminds one at once of Easter (the promise of resurrection if not eternal than at least of the coming season) and of high summer: that time of long days and great bounty when the garden overflows and people slow down just a little.

Consider also, a path carved towards the setting sun through the high grass, this year the shadows and the short grass give the feeling of carved jade. Or perhaps a flaming orange line, set against the green hills, all the daylilies blooming and when the sun sinks all that glorious color will fail…but tomorrow, perhaps? Maybe the steel-blue hostas bowing down across the paths in the deep shade?

Or maybe the sun, golden, setting now. By the week’s end it will be setting on the western hedgerow and not on the northern hedgerow. How fleeting is this summer!