Amazing how fast some thunderstorms move. The trick is to have the windows open as long as possible; but not so long that the wind picks up too fast and things don’t get wet.  Then, open the windows back up again.

The difficulty is if one has multiple thunderstorms a night. One either gets a great deal of exercise or stays up late.  The sane person simply leaves the doors closed and goes to bed.  Still, if one can do the circuit of opening and closing, it makes for a rather nice (and entirely free) way to deal with hot weather without air conditioning.  Of course, it helps if one lives on the top of a hill and not in a valley.  There are locations where living in a valley is a good idea; but New England really isn’t one of them.  There is a reason all the old town centers are on hilltops.  Winter isn’t that much colder on the top of the hill and the summer is much, much nicer.  The soil is rocky in either location, so that really doesn’t matter!