Also known as (purple) flowering raspberry has got to be one of the most under-utilized native plants out there. I was first introduced to it growing as an under-story plant on Mont-Royal in Montreal. It likes well-drained edge/woodland openings and grows throughout the Appalachian mountain chain.  A member of the raspberry family, but pretty far out there. It is thornless, grows to about six feet, spreading by runners, with large maple-like leaves, the bark on old canes (at least three years old) is tan, exfoliating, with darker cinnamon colored bark beneath.  The flowers begin to appear in June and run well into July or later. They are about an inch and a half across, light purple with gold centers. The fruit is relatively dry, some people like the taste but it is not the selling point; the flowers are.

I got some a few years ago from a friend. It has happily spread where-ever there is sufficient soil moisture. It appears to be largely pest free. Here a stand has happily taken over an otherwise difficult area on a slope under an apple tree and blue spruce, at the edge of a parking lot.