One of the most common flycatchers around here, a little charcoal suited (tuxedo) bird with the classic long flycatcher tail. For years they have nested on the porch pillars of Happy Thought or on top of the big window casement on that porch.  This gives them direct access to the meadow fence line (posts are ideal perches) and the high grass west lawn (a stake for a young white oak makes another good perch).  This year we are up to two pairs nesting in the area.

We had thought that, given the evidence, our resident gray fox (with cub, very fat) which is currently denning under said porch might have caught the Happy Thought phoebe yesterday.

However, it doesn’t appear to be the case.  Or at least is unlikely, I just saw the phoebe sitting happily on the porch rail contemplating the setting sun or the bugs…more likely the bugs….  I, not being a fly catcher, am sitting on the Other side of the screen!