A place like this doesn’t run itself. There are two options available: Lots of money is the first one.  Well, that isn’t happening. The second…well, that might be harder to come by actually: intelligent manpower.  You need several people with some decent skills. Currently, rewiring a garage door for an electric opener rather than brute muscle? We can do that. Drawing up a new garden bed and planting it? We can do that. Re-framing a picture? We can do that too.

You either need someone who is skilled in a multitude of areas, and can make it a full-time job; or you need several people with varying strengths who are willing to make it into at least a part time job.

Maybe it isn’t the most fun all the time, it sure isn’t that world cruise or that high-flying, high-power career, it isn’t the self-fulfillment we have been promised for most of the last two generations. But dreams, well, they don’t tend to come true. But the sun rises and the sun sets on these glorious green hills, and by the grace of God and the kindness of man, I’ve gotten to watch it.