Scent is usually considered to be one of the most powerful of our senses, perhaps because we don’t pay too much attention to it as odd as that seems.

In my opinion, a garden should be full of scents: the faint fine chocolate fragrance of a ‘Mayleen’ clematis (it really is just like a really high quality piece of white chocolate), the indescribably rich scent of an American Fringe-tree (Chionanthus virginicus) which always blooms the first week in June*, the strawberry/mango scent of the aptly named Strawberry bush, the faint floral perfume of Dame’s Rocket, the pine-tar of geraniums, iris, roses, the list goes on.  Even the vegetable garden, the pepper scent of a rocket (arugula) plant one accidentally stepped, the onions, the mints.

An evening stroll is truly a feast.

*Perhaps the most underused native plant, in full bloom it is an amazing curtain of white ivory.  Very long lived, a good clear gold in the fall, remarkably free of pests, and absolutely regular in blooming without any fussing.