What spring?  It’ll get around to it at some point I suppose.  In the meantime, the peas are coming up, the daffodils are blooming (though not with great abandon this year, too dry last year and the year before I suspect), the trout lilies are sloooowwwly multiplying. They are an odd little volunteer patch near the gingko, for several years just a few leaves, now the patch is about a yard across, with probably a hundred plus little leaves (each leaf representing one growing point). We have no idea how they got there, but they like it.  Last year, one bloomed; this year four bloomed.  They take their time growing. But the flower, a lovely clear yellow, shaped liked a delicate tiger lily but less than an inch across is worth the wait.  The bloodroot is up, but not quite blooming yet.  The scilla and chiondoxa are just about finished.

The red maple contemplated blooming this year, a few red tassels up there.  The forsythia got frozen.  Forsythia is a waste of one’s time.  The birds love its dense tangle, but I think we average one year in four for decent blooms here.  Absurd.