or all for the crow….We think that is what went after the newly planted peas anyway.  But, we have more peas we can plant, they didn’t get all of them (probably), and so we will simply have a staggered crop.  It could be worse.  We didn’t Have to have those peas.

Most of the gardening done in the Western world is by choice (farming is different, though arguably still a choice).  I think because it is a choice that the failures can be harder to deal with or at least hard in a different way, and there will be failures.  That may be the hardest part of it.  One does work that is meaningful on a truly fundamental level, work that has embedded within it a great deal of anticipation, of hope, of promise, and has already meant hard labour, time, and likely money.  And then, something entirely outside of your control comes along and destroys it.  But the thing, the really great thing, is that you can plant something else and something will grow.  Maybe not what was originally planned, but something still will grow.

I’ll quit before I wander farther into sloppy metaphors and philosophy.  Still, gardening is good for the soul.  Often because of the beauty it brings, but sometimes in that backhanded fashion called ‘character building’.