I was watching a little grey and honey gold bee today. It was almost too cold for it; in fact, for the much of the time I was watching it the bee was shivering.  Bees do shiver in fact, and this one was huddled down on the lawn, the same color as the winter-killed grass.  Gradually, it warmed up.  First it cleaned its antennae, and then its hind legs, and finally its legs. It was a thin little insect, almost delicate, with short gray/gold hair.  Last seen (having finished warming up sitting on my hand)* it bravely took off in a headwind, flying towards a warmer spot near the house.  I hope, that like the other pollinator insects, it found the crocus glistening in the hundreds by the fence and foundation.

In any event, it took off, future uncertain but flying strongly in the wind. Something to be said for that.


*I am, actually, decidedly allergic to bees, wasps, and various other insects.  But, I had a glove on, and besides he was a)cute b)not at all aggressive.