I think a point in the ‘success’ column ought to be awarded for last night’s supper.  The parsnips overwintered out in the garden quite happily;* the parsley (a main component in the omelette)  came out of the freezer green and crisp; the frozen snow peas from last year also came out tasting, if not like fresh peas, certainly close to it.  I could have used our own onions, but we are down to the last midget sized shallots which are a bore to peel (shallots are overrated, next year it will be just straight onions).  Oh yes, and the peaches in the cobbler? Last year’s crop, canned.

Now about those eggs….  though I think the ham and the potatoes will remain store bought.   As will the milk.

*most of the row is still out there, still buried in the snow, which is ridiculous.