It is always astonishing how quickly something can happen when everyone puts their minds to it.  The picture project has taken another step forward with the creation of a double rack against one wall of the room. In theory, this should mean that I can fit all of the pictures into that space….

It was a bit of trick to get an eight foot long, two and half foot tall, two foot wide rack up the stairs.  It took a bit of a circuitous path through various rooms as well.  The same path a sideboard took, zig zagging through the house.  Each door, of course, is a slightly different width, or should I say: ‘narrowness’?  So far, we have not had to chop a hole in a wall for any furniture, unlike previous generations.  Thank goodness the rack was light enough to be easily rotated in the stair well. Mind the corners, and china, and the glass, and the lantern!

This project has only been in progress for several years, maybe by the time spring gets here (ha!) it will have come to some sort of conclusion.