One of the old Moss roses in the garden. This is the only nearly white one; most of them are light pink with deeper pink edging.   It is not uncommon for the medium pink ones to have flowers that range in shade from white through blush pink to a classic rose pink, all on the same bush.  The buds are always edged with dark pink. There are one or two bushes as well that are a solid deep pink.  They do not repeat bloom and have only a little fragrance.

These roses date from an unknown era; they resurfaced when the Norway Maples were cut down about fifteen years ago.  It is remotely possible that they date from the 1960’s; but it is much more likely that they date from the turn of the century.  They are tough, but not overly vigorous, sometimes having only one or two canes.  Although apparently disease free, they tend to be attacked by Japanese beetles and aphids.