There is a dirt road that runs along one side of our property, an unimproved town road which is sort of two cars wide….if the two cars pass in a polite fashion with each putting a tire on the edge of the ditch.  For years it wasn’t open in the winter and had little traffic on it.  However, it is the shortest route between the state road and several large subdivisions.  Because of this, it is kept open in the winter and has much heavier traffic.  I don’t object too much to the commercial drivers on it (though there is a UPS truck that goes too fast). I get that the advent of the GPS means that the bosses want the drivers to follow the shortest mileage routes, and further more can tell if you have done so.  An occasion for merriment is that this sometimes causes a semi to start down the first pitch, eyeball the road that they don’t fit on, and gingerly continue on down the hill.

I do strongly object to the people living in the subdivisions.  It is the shortest mileage route.  It is the shortest route by time, however, only if one takes the road at about forty miles an hour.  (It is an article of faith that an SUV cannot be driven at less than forty, the world will end apparently)

The result is predictable.  The very nice FedEx delivery guy came and knocked on the door.  (This driver always comes decorously up the road, he enjoys looking at the woods and the pond)  He was stuck, could we help?  An individual had gone bombing down the road, forcing the FedEx van to swerve to avoid said individual.  The van was now solidly in the ditch.  Needless to say, of course, the individual had not slowed or stopped.

Naturally, the answer was yes.  I supplied the shovel.  Jamie supplied the heavy duty Chevy truck and the necessary rope.*  In short order the van was popped back out of the ditch.  Our driver was able to continue on his route; we had a pleasant interlude in the day. Glad to be of service.

*I am useless at such things as how to tie off a tow-line.