The ‘Wolf River’ apple tree that did its once every few years, at random, massive apple crop this year (necessitating marathon sessions of applesauce making) still has a few apples on it.  It shouldn’t, for the health of the tree, but I am glad it does.

The apples are frozen solid at the moment, and look a bit like Christmas ornaments as they are scattered picturesquely through the upper branches*.  That is nice enough.  But what is especially pleasant is the discovery that the odd pockmarks/toothmarks which have been slowly appearing on them belong primarily to the woodpeckers.  Sapsuckers, Downy, Hairy, and the lot.  I don’t know if the Red Bellied has been past or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  A nice treat for them and for us.


*It was Supposed to be a semi-dwarf.  Ten years on and it is quite clear that we got a standard instead….