From a letter by Morris to Julie, 1856 (she was in Brockport, NY; he was in New Orleans)  He was thirty (I think), managing the New Orleans branch of the business, in what was a boom town.  Julie was 38, managing three children (another on the way), and elderly parents in upstate New York.  The letters are a testament to a rock-solid marriage…

“For preface you must understand that Dick made a bet with John P. Fowler and Geo W. Helm on his account, in connection with Shepard and myself. As the odds were 1,000,000,000 to 1 in our favor, of course Shep and I went in. The bet was this. If Fowler got married the ensuing summer and Helm did not, Helm was to pay a dinner costing $100 – and if Helm was married and Fowler not – Fowler was to pay. If neither were married the bet was off. If both were married – Dick, Shep, and I were to pay.  The extreme improbability of our losing was great odds in our favor. I had forgotten all about it – and was surprised when called on for the payment of the bet.”

The company (it ended up being a dinner for 13) involved got their money’s worth…. “Among the curiosities that were shown me next day was the following wine bill: 1 Bottle of Hock, 4 Bottles of Claret, 6 Bottles of Sherry, 12 Bottles of Champagne, 1 Bowl of Whiskey Punch.”

I am hoping that either the Champagne was actually glasses, or the bottles were small, or something.  If not….