of having to water certain plants in the spring and fall…for the last few years, we have had dry springs and dry falls, which is the worst timing for any plants that are trying to establish themselves or which are prone to desiccation in the winter (the broad leaved evergreens, roses, azaleas, and the like).  I am hoping this fog actually turns into rain.  .

Although Not hoping that hard, we currently have an almost hole in the roof, as we are putting a skylight in a room.  They haven’t actually cut through the outer roof yet, just the interior wood. For those who know the house, it is in Aunt Carlotta’s room on the second floor, south end, two skylights on the east side near the peak.  A bit of a trick getting up there…it turns out that the peak is solidly over fourteen feet (i.e. a man standing on the top of an eight foot ladder could only just brush the top of the peak with his fingers).  Some ingenious re-use of old lumber and the scaffolding was high enough.  As always, size in this house is very deceptive!