Apologies for the light blogging this coming week.

One of the awesome things about Esperanza is its ability to absorb guests.  The house was designed for handling upwards of twenty house-guests for months at a time during the summer.  Plus dinner parties coming closer to forty. Hence the guestbook featured in previous entries.

Some of these guests would have stayed in the cottages and many of the them probably doubled or tripled up in bedrooms.  Still there is quite a bit of space.

We can’t manage that these days; but when it is all set up, the house’s infrastructure can easily handle a fair number.  Currently there are, in addition to the three people always here*, we have another six (and another tomorrow) spanning four generations from ages 3 months to 95 years, plus four cats, two of which are guests.  Not bad.

*Due to touchy, prima-donna systems for heating, plumbing, and light along with basic common-sense security, there is always at least one person here, 24-7.