I usually have a fondness for skunks; they do a good job on de-grubbing the lawn.  They are sort of cute and quite smart.

However, for years there has been a running battle on whether they should be able to get under the porch (and thence into the foundation).  Skunks under the house aren’t exactly the best companions.  Still, it was more of a nuisance than anything else (aside from the memorable year in which the hibernating colony all got spooked, woke up, and sprayed…under the main hall).  Not this year.  This year we have an angry skunk. (or possibly a zombie skunk)  Not only is it starting the nightly round of attempting to find an ingress earlier than usual.  It also digs in the garden and inadvertently kills fish by knocking over the fountain.  All of which might be tolerable….Except.  It Reeks.  Think of a cross between a skunk and septic tank, the aroma is powerful and constant.  Sufficiently so that when we have smelled it coming the last few nights, we have closed the doors and windows.  When it sprayed something a week or so ago it, it woke us up.

Not sure exactly what to do with it.  Trapping it is, for the obvious reason that I lack a HazMat suit, not an option.  My mother was able to banish one once by managing to spray it with soap, but that also requires close quarters.  Lead maybe, if I was more confident in my aim, and willing to stake the house out every night.