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Daylilies: the orange river is just about done, but some of the special creams/purples are still going in the shade, as are the orange ones in the shade.

Shasta Daisies: the flagpole garden is a nice white half-circle, the Russian Sage is just about to get going there as well, so it will start to shade to the pastel shades shortly, dusty blues, pinks, yellows.  The Joe Pye weed and the goldenrod are about to start, then the asters.

Yarrow: the wild white throughout the unmowed sections, some elsewhere



Wild Thyme




Black-eyed susans of all types. The west porch set has been blooming for a month solid

Monarda: red (Jacob Cline), Hot neon pink (short), tall raspberry pink

Phlox: here, there, and everywhere; mostly the reverted washed out pink, but some good salmons, whites, deep pinks.

Hostas: almost done

Oriental Lilies


Astilbes: almost done, the last are the big pink ostrich types

Cinnamon Clethra: the insects go mad for this underused shrub, a nice vanilla scent, loaded with white flowers, gorgeous exfoliating bark, native.

Black Snakeroot

Blue/Red Lobelia: just starting up

Annuals: including morning glories, marigolds,


Duchess of Albany clematis: pink bells over the top of the pergola