I like things that fly, I really do. I also like bats. But I Do Not like to observe bats inside the house. Peacefully reading, when a fast moving object caught my eye. The appropriate response, before further inspection, is to get the big Keeping Room doors shut so it is confined to the library and the keeping room (think living room)*. Then get all the inside lights off, including computer screens, turn on an exterior light, open the door, and wait. You must keep a close watch on the door, however, to ensure you see it fly out as they almost always accelerate. Blink and you risk spending the night holding the door open, wondering. We have done this before…
This particular bat was having great fun navigating at about 18 inches off the floor. Very active, with an incredible turning radius, and utterly silent. Quite a good sized one, with a fairly light belly, so I thought it was a chimney swift at first. They also get in some times; but are easier to get out since a)getting bit isn’t a concern and b) they’ll usually end up clinging to a screen or wall.
Heaven only knows where it got in though. They live in the roof. Or, sadly, it is more accurate to say lived. The colony crashed, probably due to disease. Now seeing two bats a night is unusual. It used to be easily 20-30 plus.

*The terminology of ‘Keeping Room’ is iffy. Some people are adamant that a ‘keeping room’ should be next to the kitchen. This one could not be farther from the kitchen if it tried. On the other hand, some people are adamant that it refers to the room with the main or biggest hearth. In which case…this one definitely qualifies.