Or is summer flying past this year? The hostas are blooming, at least the big white ones are, the standard hosta is about to, assuming I get around to spraying it for deer…. The Phlox has set its buds, as has the Joe-Pye weed, the wood aster, and probably (though I haven’t checked, the New England/New York asters). I don’t really associate flower buds on those until mid-July. It is a good thing I have stopped pinching them back a few weeks ago (usually you can pinch them back until the end of June/July 4th)! Not, I assure you, out of any prescience…just luck, laziness, and a lack of desire to garden in the rain. Still it seems that a lot of flowers have really raced through the growing season. No doubt to ensure that when we have a goodly group of guests at the end of August, the gardens look just as horrid as they can possibly manage.
On the other hand the vegetable garden is a bit of a damp squib, at least as far as tomatoes. Still chard tonight, snow peas last night, tomorrow lettuce. It isn’t all bad.