merrily, merrily down the stream.
I wouldn’t recommend at least one bridge in town. Now granted it was already closed due to a catastrophic failure* of an abutment, the water up to the railings is entirely expected for that bridge but the suspicious bit of white water in the center where it ought to be smooth…
The lawn is a swamp. People never seem to grasp that wetlands can occur on the top of the hill. They ought to come to New England. The North lawn and big garden is one giant puddle, as is most of the east and south areas. I can’t even get at the main flower garden, as it is surrounded by water on all sides. The place is a bit of a mess.

*if a single granite stone abutment moves downstream by about 4 inches and down by about 8, and said stone is on the order of 7 feet long, a foot tall, and two feet wide…you have a Problem. The consensus in Town Hall was that the bridge deck ought not wobble… Who knows when it will get fixed; the gates closing it look suspiciously permanent.