Your random trivia for the day.
Who knew…. the wireless connection can be accessed by my computer upstairs in the house, with the doors shut, on a rainy day!
It is a bit spotty, and not exactly fast. But still. Given the size of the house in question, and the number of plaster walls, in between me and the modem right now… Plaster is bad for the wireless signal, though even worse is the new metal lathe. We inadvertently turned the kitchen into a Farraday cage when it was re-plastered and we used metal lathe instead of the wood. The kitchen is close to the modem, but unless you can get just the right angle through the doors, forget it, you will not get a signal. Though Why one needs the internet in the kitchen?
The house’s internet connectivity is notoriously bad, I usually use a hardwire connection; but the chimney sweeps are at work and I need to get some writing done. Apparently upgrades in the computing power and the modem have made a difference. Now if we could just get rid of the static on the phone line. But that is a problem way down in the town. I keep expecting the phone company to tell us we ought to just drop it, they don’t want to repair it again. Which would annoy me.