It would be easier to say what isn’t actually…
Iris, both Bearded and Siberian, at least 8 different varieties; primarily blues/golds/white, with a touch of bronze.
Oriental Poppies: RED
Clematis: pinks/purples
Dame’s Rocket: pinks/whites
Dianthus: white
June lilies: yellow
English Bluebells: Blue
Perennial Bachelor’s Buttons: bright blue
Columbines: mostly blues, a few pinks and maroons
Rhododendrons: mostly decent pinks (no fuschia!), only one white. The one that I bought which should be white….is a rather nice almost red….in the wrong spot naturally.
A few late azaleas
Beauty Bush (Kolkwitzia)
Weigelias: the big standard old fashioned red and the dwarf types
Deutzias: white
Rugosa Roses: white and pink
Pagoda Dogwoods: white, a very good year for them for once.
Kousa Dogwoods: Ivory
Peonies: just starting up
Various wild flowers: Wild Geraniums, Solomon’s Seal, Ox-eye daisies, English daisies, Yellow Hawkweed, clovers, other
(and all the things I can’t recall right now)