The Flagpole garden continues to come along elegantly: currently Red, White, Blue, and Gold with a green background. The Red are the big Oriental Poppies, each year they get larger and have more flowers. I picked up a fourth one this year, to help balance the other three. The older three (I think they are four years old now) are nearly the size of bushel baskets; the new one could fit in a quart. They are a true crimson red, ‘Beauty of Livermere’ (and I fervently hope the new one matches…). The flowers are massive, about the size of a baseball. The blue and gold come from the iris: true gold (unknown) and true blue (‘Breakers’ very fragrant), the white from the cerastum. Pure white iris might work well too…but I don’t think there is space.
A rather nice colour scheme. There is a bit of pink rocket in there, I think it has to come out!
It all goes rather nicely with the flags. When it all works, of course, last year the gold iris didn’t bloom for unknown reasons. And the blue iris are new, and seem to be a bit shorter than they ought to be; but we didn’t expect them to bloom, so maybe next year.
The poppies, of course, get nicely hidden by the asters and the shasta daisies later in the summer, so the gaping holes simply aren’t visible.
I can’t take any credit for this garden, it is all Mom’s!