One watches one’s step it seems, I opened the basement door to be greeted by a very pretty garter snake. He was in no particular hurry, and went off along the garden, giving me a very good opportunity to watch him.
I can’t help but consider the sheer level of life around this place (at the time I was observing the snake, I was also able to see nine different bird species, three different butterflies, and numerous insects or arachnids) and wonder at how much my neighbours (whose lawn care is busy vacuuming the lawn) have or don’t have.
It isn’t that, on principle, I object. They have every right in the world to vacuum the lawn. It’s just, I wish that I could show them the inherent wonder of this world in all its burgeoning diversity. No doubt they see it in other ways. I hope, anyway.
(the butterflies were: Cabbage Whites*, a Spring Azure, and a Mourning Cloak)

*the Cabbage White does challenge my love for said burgeoning diversity!