happy chirp from a weatherman about ‘sunny and in the 70’s and isn’t it wonderful!’ I will not be responsible for my actions. My winter squash bed (deep, soft, soil) has cracks in it, in early April. We have a slightly unique problem here, we are much more sensitive to drought issues than the rest of the area. The top of the hill naturally ends up with less water than anywhere else (that old issue of water running Down hill), so strike one. The house-lot is five acres of massive trees, not simply mature but running to as big as possible and as many as possible. Consider how much water must be contained in one dormant 100 foot tall tree and then multiply that by 10, then add about 30 40-80 foot trees…that is a lot of water. Then have all those trees break dormancy. You are looking at thousands of gallons of water which are required.
It is better than last year, slightly less dry, I suppose. And yes, I enjoy complaining about the weather. Railing against something one cannot possibly control is quite satisfying. You can’t feel guilty about the weather.*
In other news, I still haven’t gotten the colour balance in the crocus fence line right, entirely too much white and yellow happening. Clearly the only solution is more bulbs right? What a shame. Meanwhile, picture me swearing at daffodils; narcissus obvallaris (the Tenby daffodil) to be precise. It apparently hates this country, it bloomed well the first year…but by its second and third years…piffle. I’ll stay with my classic King Alfreds and van Sions.**

*I’m sure someone can!

** Which almost certainly are actual King Alfreds and not 20th century imposters, but that is another story.