Google has just updated its pictures for this area, the current shots are from late April 2012.  I know this because of the vegetable garden layout.  I can also see my horse wandering around in the field.*

The amount of information one can get from Google is really astonishing.  We can see the failure points of the tile drain in the field.  The horse’s regular paths are easily deciphered, changes in the fores cover, the actual alignment of buildings (and walls and hedgerows), what the neighbours are doing, etc.  At the same time, it is sort of a global Peeping Tom.  However, it will only become truly weird if they start updating on a more frequent basis.

That being said, Google definitely doesn’t have x-ray vision.  Because the shots were taken in April, before the trees leafed out, many things are visible that wouldn’t otherwise be.  But not everything, the reservoir building for example doesn’t show up, nor does the garden shed.  And of course, once the trees leaf out, many things will be entirely invisible.  Happy Thought, despite a bright red roof, is completely invisible from all aerial angles during the summer.*

I find it interesting that buildings, small ones, are generally less obvious in the trees than any sort of defined path.  Paths, never mind roads, stand out like neon road signs.  As do straight lines.  But, the thing is that in a forest (especially in New England where there are so many stone walls) there are a surprising number of entirely natural straight lines.

Clearly the take-away lesson for all paranoiacs is never take the same route twice, or something.


*For those that know the location, look for the brown blur about halfway down the field.

*I suppose if you came in on the deck from the east, you might get a glimpse of it.  But you would have to be well below 500 feet….which I wouldn’t recommend.