of inspiration….so a whine instead.

It is snowy, cold, and windy.  I think it is all a matter of expectations.  Having had firmly in mind that March would be heading towards spring, it is difficult to be almost at the end of the month with snow on the ground.  This, of course, wouldn’t have bothered me up in Ontario, where the rivers didn’t begin to thaw until mid-April.*  It would be bizarre in Edinburgh, where the daffodils start up at the end of February.  And farther south well…  People get used to everything, we live happily in every climate.  However, as individuals we quickly develop certain expectations about the weather.  What is normal is highly individual and we adapt so quickly to a location that it is easy to get discombobulated.  So we whine.  And now in the great age of the internet, somebody can usually be counted on to pipe up with some comment about how ‘you ought to be in X!’

Of course, it doesn’t help me at all that the liturgical calendar is at its extreme this year; Easter is about as early as it can get.


*Nothing distracts one better from studying for finals in a quiet bit of the library than watching the ice floes come down river and slam into the concrete wall of the bridge and library.  (Trent University, Peterborough; the library is built into the river)