There is something very satisfying about clambering over the snowdrifts to the south facing bank, which has no snow on it and is supposed to be replanted this spring, and removing the unnecessary burning bushes.  I know in a few weeks or maybe even days that area will be being scouted by nesting birds.  Planting young trees/shrubs in the area doesn’t bother them, taking away the cover they have already seen in the area does.  But if the cover is gone now, they don’t miss it. 

Hopefully, the bank will turn into a nice mixed edge: a ninebark (sulking in its current location), a smokebush or two (ditto), a native shadblow (I have to move it about five feet), two shadblows in the vegetable garden, and a chokecherry.  All joining several volunteer Pagoda Dogwoods, some sweet-fern, a volunteer elderberry, a blueberry, some pokeweed, and a clump of steeplebush; underneath a canopy of mature pines, black cherries, birches, and oaks.  Along with the requisite goldenrod, pasture grass, daylilies, and daffodils.   Sounds good?  And yes, a few burning bushes still.

Besides, I Have to get the two shadblows out of the vegetable garden.  I still haven’t figured out where to put the three copper beech seedlings, which I didn’t expect to live.

Yes, I garden by trial and error.