I have been remiss, no doubt, in not discussing to any degree the family bookshelf.  That is the bookshelf which holds the various books written by family members.  It does not include, for the most part, books written before Esperanza was purchased, though the top shelf is mostly given over to Roswell Smith, who wrote science textbooks in the mid 1800’s.  But much of the output of the Ellsworths, Websters, etc is not there since that comes before the house.  It isn’t a huge collection: discounting self-published work, but counting doctoral theses it comes to 78 books.  Most generations since, however, have succeeded in getting at least one book published, sometimes more.  It isn’t complete, unfortunately.

Julie’s novels are, of course, included.  As I had created a list for a presentation today, I thought it would be worthwhile to list them here.  This doesn’t include the short stories which were written earlier for various magazines and newspapers.  I don’t know of a complete list of those, tracking down that sort of publication is an absolute nightmare.  The titles give some indication of the themes, which mostly revolved around young people in a bucolic, semi-pastoral small town.

Originally Published by G.W. Carleton & Co.; New York, New York

Widow Goldsmith’s Daughter; 1870

Chris and Otho; 1870

The Widower; 1871

The Married Belle; 1872

Ten Old Maids; 1874

Courting and Farming; 1875

His Young Wife; 1876

Kiss and Be Friends; 1878

Lucy; 1880

Blossom Bud; 1883