Between critters, that is.  Last night was a lovely, nearly full moon night, not very cold.  The trees were casting great, black shadows, and the amount of light was very great.  And, despite the large amount of snow, there is no question that spring is well on the way.  In addition to the Great Horned Owls calling back and forth from the hedgerows, and the multitude of cardinal males chasing one fewer female (during the day), there were the skunks.

We have had one perfectly gorgeous big skunk, nearly all white on the back and tail, for about a year. He/She now has a friend, equally large.  They were cavorting out on the snow near the flagpole garden, always a favourite location for the skunks.  Exactly what food they were finding, I don’t know.  But that didn’t seem to be what was on their minds, anyway.

It was rather fun to watch them.