As these things tend to around here, one thing leads to another…One gets a new freezer…one shuffles the table and file cabinets about to fit it in correctly.  Well naturally, one therefore has to shuffle the inside of the file cabinets right?  There are a few simple rules: if it is in order, keep it in order; if it is a book or bound print, it doesn’t belong in a file cabinet but on a shelf; all oddments go in a drawer concerned with oddments, not scattered through the paper.  Priority in fire-proof cabinets is given to things that really need the space.

So reams of genealogy* get chucked out of the fireproof cabinets, by taking the bound books out, a remarkable amount of space is created.  Slightly random collections are organized, therefore creating more space in what had been thought to be a ‘full’ cabinet.  Voila: a completely empty fireproof cabinet.  How fast do you think we can fill it?

*Disconcerting to see one’s name neatly placed in a book.