One of the most entertaining aspects of the letters between Julie and Morris is the odd aside.  I suspect that it is in part the writing style of the era; but more that because they were apart so much of the time these asides added the visual, day-to-day touches that created an immediacy of connection.  For example, a long letter mostly discussing business, the future prospects of their daughters, plans for Esperanza and the employment of a farmer is abruptly broken:

“There is an organ grinder under the window in the driving snow, and my Kitchen Goddess has just bestowed upon him a quart paper of something and great handful of cookies.”

and then the letter returns to business.  An otherwise dry letter suddenly has a visual element in it and is forcibly brought into time.  Morris, sitting at his desk in New Orleans, has an image of a street scene and a well known view from a desk in Hartford.  Skype for nineteenth century.