Planning out some planting on the tennis court section today in the wind.  This is actually a rather important shift; it naturally starts us working on the north line on the meadow, below the house lot proper and west of the tennis court.  It is not that a great deal of work does not still need to happen on the house lot, itself.  But that the completely out-of-control areas are now farther out.

It is a little hard to recall that at one point, not that long ago, walking to the north line on and east of the tennis court was impossible.  That I now know what is growing and where, even if it is still full of poison ivy and briars, is nevertheless something of an accomplishment.  It would revert almost immediately, if we stopped work; and there are still some large trees that (depending on the opinion) perhaps ought not to be there.  But it isn’t ‘overgrown’ in the same way.

Slow but steady!