Continuing to work on clearing burning bush from the western edge of the tennis court.  Over time, this had filled in the bank (which ranges from almost three feet at the south corner to only a few inches at the north corner) it had also filled in the area between the bank and the fence line.  The end result was a non descript, fuzzy line.  The view was there, but it lacked a good framework.  Now, if one stands at the garden house, looking west, you still look across the tennis court/pine grove at the distant hills.  But suddenly one notices that the view is framed by a v.  The point is a big maple, just east of the tennis court (its long axis is N-S), the ends are two big, multi-trunked pines and two red maples.  Those trees have always been there, but you see them now as sharp silhouettes.  Much better.

Editing, as one gardener said, taking out that which is not needed.