Unless you have been living under a rock, if you are at all interested in environmental news from eastern North America, you know that bats are in serious trouble thanks to a distinctly nasty fungus.  White nose syndrome has killed between 5.7 and 6.7 million bats since 2007; when that is combined with the tendency of people to eradicate colonies at the drop of the hat, habitat loss, and light pollution…well the news isn’t good for bats.  Despite the fact that the little guys are a free and effective form of bug control.  (I also think they are cute)

Happily, Esperanza is doing its part in environmental community service*.  We knew from ground evidence/plus seeing them that there were bats in the porch and that there were bats in the south end roof, and that there must be bats in the barn (the mystery is that we never see the bats in it, but the pattern of droppings** is impossible for mice without wings).  We didn’t know that there are at least forty in the northwest corner of the roof.  Last night, we happened to be at the right place, and they popped out as bats do from roofs: one at a time with a great squeaking and scrabbling.    Rather nice to see.  But I do wonder what the total count for the house and outbuildings is?

*Because it is the right thing to do…pity that doesn’t translate to the finances.

**the squeamish would perhaps liken it more to a carpet…