For something totally different Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

But nearby….

005 (768x1024)

The glacier met an immovable object here… Connecticut doesn’t have cliffs really, but it does have odd, surprisingly solid chunks of rock that stick up in the forest. Now quite often, you climb to the top and you still only see trees, though in this case if I turned the other way the view is rather nice, which can be a bit frustrating. But the trees are nice trees

Signage Monday, Aug 31 2015 

In light of last week’s valiant attempt by a truck to back down the drive and the long string of people who firmly believe that they can to turn around on the lawn,* I am considering appropriate driveway signage. The problem is that this is the day of the GPS and the twilight of navigational common sense…

The driveway enters off the main road (the house/GPS entrance) and exits on the side road. It is a corner lot, and the drive curves through it. The ‘front’ entrance is narrow, tight for trucks, and backing down it is a recipe for expensive disasters. However, from the front entrance there is no way to tell that it goes through and doesn’t end like most modern drives in a midget garage entrance. Hence the tendency for trucks to try backing down it. What it actually does is swing down to the barnyard, which accesses the side road, and is large enough for an oil truck to turn around in.

Given that, would this make sense if posted at the front entrance or would it have delivery people claiming foul? The last line is an attempt to make the people in cars lay off on the lawn donuts.

‘No Trucks

Deliveries at Green Barn

First right on X lane

One way traffic’

Or should it be:

‘No Backing

No Turning

Exit at Green Barn on X lane’

The second might be better? The trucks will still beat up their paint job, and I’ll need to consider fixing that.

*Thou Shalt Not drive on my lawn, one of my hang-ups!


Lady Margaret Saturday, Aug 29 2015 

First year no less!


Rain Thursday, Aug 27 2015 


Really? Tuesday, Aug 25 2015 

There is little kind that one can say about an over ambitious katydid in the middle of the night, somewhere in, on, near, the window of one’s room. Especially one sounding exactly like a fire alarm. At 3 am.

Now it was a nice cool, foggy night and the insects were in full song with enthusiasm, which I can understand. But I could have cheerfully removed that particular insect.  As it was the score was Katydid: One, Me: Zero. I went and found a different place to sleep!

Still, it is definitely nearing summer’s close; because the crickets and such are louder than ever. Not sure where the summer went, but it goes as it always does.

August Sunday, Aug 23 2015 

Summer draws towards the last, rising crescendo

A fanfare of white stars:

The wood aster in its multitude beneath the dark trees

The flame pink phlox is a great bounty that arises from the garden

There is the scent of fire in the dawn air

When the hot days of August, the summer days

Foretell at their birth, the coming fall.

Apple Trees Friday, Aug 21 2015 

always have character. This MacIntosh isn’t that old (mid-1960’s); it is badly in need of a trim. But, photographs like this help to illuminate the overall shape and character that catches and holds the eye. Pruning must take that into account to be aesthetically successful. Interestingly, the biggest limb under consideration for cutting is clearly not important in this picture. It is a minor one heading out to the left, away from the camera, duplicating another branch at a low level. It is lost in the leaves and with apple trees, it seems to me (in theory, poorly executed in practice) the structure should never vanish into the leaves completely.  Which is why the green blob on another lawn (now with measles) is something of a frustration.*

065 (1024x768)

*The Wolf River is very large, very green, and Very Full of large increasingly red apples! But a blob it is, despite quite a bit of trimming.

Peaches Thursday, Aug 20 2015 

The Chinese associate them with immortality…as for me….I associate them with the poisoned fruit* of the first Mary Stewart novel about Merlin and King Arthur (‘The Crystal Cave’). They are wonderful, without peer, when perfect and ripe. Fresh peaches, peach pie, peach cobbler, peach jam, all glorious.

But fleeting and prone to treachery. For a lovely peach tree can turn to rot. As ours did this year. A long battle with some sort of disease has meant that unless perfectly pruned (which it is not) the peaches mold before they ripen. Consequently, pretty much every available bit of counter space is covered with peaches right now (let its generosity not be questioned). I foresee much freezing, and some canning of the more perfect ones, in my future. Hopefully, as they ripen off the tree, we can work with them.

*I know, it was apricots, but the connection holds! Besides, I have never been sure that immortality wouldn’t be treachery in the long run, or at least a very bad joke, on someone’s part. Or maybe using peaches to symbolize immortality is an illustration of the paradox?

Hot or Cold Tuesday, Aug 18 2015 

006 (1024x768)

Rose of Sharon: Rose Chiffon

010 (1024x768)

Sunflower: Chianti (volunteer seedling no less!)

Aren’t flower colours fun?

Guests Sunday, Aug 16 2015 

I didn’t see him, but it probably is a good thing that our latest guest came after all the others departed….  One black bear male (no ear tags, so likely male) ambling along the front porch mid afternoon.  Apparently he casually checked the toys, the chairs, the breakfast table…went in a civilized fashion down the stairs and inspected the peach tree (not ripe yet, apparently) and headed off to the vineyard for an afternoon snack, or possibly for a nap in our trees.

Something about this! They routinely come through at night, probably about twice a week. But the daytime visits, while not uncommon, are less frequent.


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