Roses Saturday, Jun 27 2015 

David Austin’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’ in its first year! It seems to be standing up to this rain rather well too. Furthermore, it was slid into its spot right next to the short/shrub clematis that is also blooming on that pillar. I am rather pleased with that planting job, since the clematis was already there, and both plants needed to be close to the pillar’s south side.

006 (1024x768)

009 (1024x768)

I honestly don’t know the identity of the clematis….

Twa Corbies Thursday, Jun 25 2015 

Quite the start to the morning, glorious blue skies and full summer green…and twa corbies. One raven at the top of the tallest Norway Spruce and the other at the top of the lone Hemlock. Probably able to see most of the town and farther afield from those points since the spruce, located at the hill crest, stands over 100 feet tall, while the hemlock is nearly that. From that height, on a clear day, one would see as far to the east and south as one might be able; and higher elevations to the north and west would be a good ten miles away. I am sure the crow flock will chase them back off, but for the time they seemed quite happy up there!

For those who may not catch the reference:

Steeleye Span probably did it best:

Fell the Future Wednesday, Jun 24 2015 

In this place there lies

A spark not yet crystalline

And shall it rise as living fire

Or hold fast as frozen stone?

None shall last past memory

And there will be no eternal place

But within the creating mind.

Clearing Skies Tuesday, Jun 23 2015 

053 (768x1024)

Looking up through the Kousa Dogwood

Going out in glory Sunday, Jun 21 2015 

Summer Solstice

050 (768x1024)

Approaches to History Thursday, Jun 18 2015 

We are used to Twitter updates on events now, I found this review of an historic event rather interesting and horrifying. It is much more real, in the 21st century way, than it would be as a dry summary. Somebody did quite a bit of work to piece it together.

White Rose Tuesday, Jun 16 2015 

I am waiting to see if the named white rose ‘alba maxima’ planted this year is the same, if so I will be quite happy.

In any case, what I believe to be ‘alba maxima’ blooming. This seems to be the survivor of all survivors, lurking in the underbrush until just enough sunlight was given to it when the hedgerow across the way was cut down about 8 years ago. It had to have been planted at the driveway’s entrance, a good two generations ago, and then shaded out, forgotten entirely. It is back now, and blooms faithfully. A tall lanky bush with lovely (if brief flowers) and beautiful rose hips.

010 (768x1024)

New England foundations Sunday, Jun 14 2015 

When the flowers rise

And the towers lie hidden

All is silver, green, and gold

What has been built will fall into time

And time passes into mystery

Somewhere the lilac speaks of it

The ancient peony blazes

A brief memory

That lives when stone has fallen

And the swords of the iris


Where once was man.


Poppies! Friday, Jun 12 2015 

036 (1024x768)

034 (1024x768)

and iris, and salvia, and just in the background the Tulip tree doing its thing, which wasn’t very obvious this year: too hot I think.

Poppies: ‘Beauty of Livermore’

Iris: ‘Breakers’ (blue) and unknown yellow

Salvia: ‘Mainacht’

Multiflora Rose Wednesday, Jun 10 2015 

I should hate it. When it takes over a field or hedgerow it is a nightmare, an appalling example of an invasive plant taking over all in its path.

Keeping it trimmed as a bush takes effort, the thorns rip through jeans and skin with ease. The ticks like it (though not nearly as much as barberry)….but so do the birds.

BUT…on a warm, June morning with the sun shining, the world green gleaming with last night’s rain….  And all, all through the air is the heavy, sweet scent of roses. Wild roses. Multiflora roses in truth.  The fragrance of a cultivated rose has nothing on the multiflora and rugosas.

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